This course combines theoretical background with applied learning experiences in advanced fitness appraisal methods and techniques. Attention will be given to the biochemical, molecular, and metabolic perturbations associated with acute exercise and how these effects translate into chronic exercise adaptations, athletic performance, and health. Students may take part in maximal fitness testing procedures within the laboratory setting. The graduate component of the course will require students to lead a number of seminars throughout the semester, and prepare a review paper related to a topic of interest within the area of exercise physiology. (Cross-listed with Human Biology 8430). PREREQUISITE: KINE 3430. Graduate students need prior admission to a graduate program at UPEI and permission of the instructor. NOTE: Credit not given for both KINE 4430 and HB 8430; Responsibility for this course rests within the Department of Applied Human Sciences. Three lecture hours. 06-09-2018-29-11-2018 Lecture Tuesday, Thursday 01:00PM - 02:15PM, Young Sports Ctr, Room 212