This course provides theoretical and clinical opportunities to examine and apply concepts and skills related to population health. Emphasis is placed on the determinants of health, populations at risk for both physical and psychosocial disruptions in health, strategies to promote the health of populations and the role of the nurse in an interdisciplinary and intersectoral approach to health promotion. A unit on epidemiology is included. Students work with community members in the development of a program to promote the health of the community. Students are assigned to work with a preceptor and gain experience in one or two of a wide variety of settings in rural and urban communities. Semester hours of credit: 9 Hours per week: Lecture: 3 Tutorial: 1.5 Other - Clinical Practice: 290 hours in total. 06-09-2018-29-11-2018 Lecture Thursday 01:30PM - 04:30PM, Health Sciences Bldg, Room 106