THINKING CRITICALLY ABOUT PSYCHOLOGICAL RESEARCH Designed for non-Psychology majors, this course develops their abilities as consumers of psychological research. Students learn about paradigms of research and knowledge, consider key assumptions in both quantitative and qualitative research, and explore how quantitative and qualitative perspectives influence the construction of knowledge. Students apply critical thinking strategies within the context of psychological research and develop skills to evaluate claims made about psychological phenomena in the popular media and professional literature. Concepts explored include understanding and prediction, description and inference, biases in research conduct and communication, representativeness, evaluating testimonials, correlation and causation, multiple causation, operational definitions, placebo effects, experimental control, and probability. NOTE: This course is not open to students who already have earned credit for Psychology 2780 or 2790, or who are currently enrolled in Psychology 2780 or 2790. This course cannot be counted as one of the 14 courses required to earn a major in Psychology. 06-09-2018-29-11-2018 Lecture Tuesday, Thursday 01:00PM - 02:15PM, Robertson Library, Room 235