These courses may take at least two different forms: (1) Directed Readings in Psychology, (2) Directed Research in Psychology. Three hours a week Directed Readings is a course of supervised readings for individual students on advanced or specialized topics. Selected topics in the student's area of interest are submitted to and discussed with a faculty member. Reading will involve critical evaluation of the literature. Students will be evaluated on the basis of either oral or written performance. Directed Research provides an opportunity for students, with the help of a faculty supervisor, to design and carry out research in Psychology. Students will be expected to write up their study according to the accepted format for publication. This course is recommended for students who intend to do post-graduate work in Psychology. NOTE: Students should meet with a professor in the Psychology Department well in advance of registration to discuss the nature, design and content of the course. No one will be allowed to register for the course unless he/she has made arrangements with a professor in the Department. In accordance with present Senate regulations, no student shall take a total of more than 12 semester hours of Directed Studies courses in any one Department. (See Academic Regulation #9 for regulations governing Directed Studies). 03-01-2019-03-04-2019 Seminar Days to be Announced, Times to be Announced, Room to be Announced