(formerly 4230) This course provides an overview on how to start and sustain a technology-oriented company. Topics discussed will include the role of technology in society, intellectual property, business feasibility studies, financial planning, sources of capital, business structure, marketing, operational and human resource management. The focus will be on students as engineers-entrepreneurs with involvement from real life entrepreneurs as motivators and facilitators. This course will use problem-based and experiential learning strategies to develop new ventures. Students who produce a well-developed business idea from this course may be considered for approval to use this as the basis for their final year engineering design project. (Cross-listed with Computer Science 3840 and SDE 8230) Three lecture hours per week. 06-01-2020-03-04-2020 Lecture Monday, Wednesday, Friday 01:30PM - 02:20PM, School Sustainable Design Eng, Room 128A