This advanced seminar examines European interaction with Asia and Africa from the time of Alexander the Great and the Ancient Greeks up to the formation of the large trading companies in the early 17th century, when Europeans understood the lands of the far east and south to be inhabited by strange semi-human peoples and the earth filled with gold and precious stones. This course examines the sources and evolution of this lore, noting how it affected the way explorers and merchant adventurers of the 16th century understood the world and interacted with the peoples they encountered. Topics include the development of the Greek and Roman world view; Europe's experience with barbarism; the Pax Mongolica and the development of the medieval world system; medieval geography; the cartographic revolution; explanations of difference and the emergence of race; cross-cultural exchange; and hybridity. Restriction: Student must have third year standing or above, or permission of the instructor. 07-01-2020-02-04-2020 Seminar Tuesday, Thursday 01:00PM - 02:15PM, Duffy Science Ctr, Room 423