This advanced seminar course examines Britain's experience of empire and imperialism from its days as a colony of the Roman Empire up to and including decolonisation in the twentieth century. Through a series of case studies and cross-cultural and trans-regional thematic comparisons, this course will introduce students to some of the main issues underlying the study of empire, colonialism and the relationship between coloniser and colonised in the British Empire. Topics may include: the ambiguous legacy of Rome; Wales, England's first colonial experience; Ireland and the early pattern of imperialism; England and the Moghul Empire; England and the Caribbean; the rhetoric of Empire; Britain's involvement in the scramble for Africa; the emergence of racial theory; the tools of imperial- ism; culture and imperialism; colonial resistance; decolonisation in South Asia and southern Africa; the post-colonial empire. Seminar: Three hours a week. Restriction: Student must have third year standing or above, or permission of the instructor. 06-01-2020-03-04-2020 Seminar Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11:30AM - 12:20PM, Room to be Announced