This course provides a final opportunity for students to synthesize their knowledge, skills, and professional values in a selected nursing practice setting. Emphasis is on the complexity of comprehensive nursing care and the significance of health promotion measures. Students select an area of focus in consultation with a faculty member and a clinical preceptor. Placement is dependent on the availability of appropriate clinical experience. Students work with selected clients (individuals, families, and/or aggregates) to enhance their current level of health and maximize their active participation within various facets of health care. Semester hours of credit: 6 Hours per week: Four Year Program - Lecture/Seminar: 2 Other: Clinical Practice: 320 hours in total; Accelerated Program - Lecture/Seminar: 2 Other - Clinical Practice: 329 hours in total. 07-01-2020-02-04-2020 Lecture Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 01:00PM - 04:00PM, Irving Chemistry Ctr, Room 104