This course provides the student with an opportunity to integrate and consolidate theory, research, and advanced knowledge and skills required of the nurse practitioner in providing primary health care to clients, families, groups and communities experiencing common episodic and chronic health related problems/illnesses. The focus will be on the refinement of critical thinking skills, clinical reasoning, and advanced practice clinical judgment in assessment, diagnosis, and management of clients' health. Collaboration with clients, families, and other health care professionals will be emphasized. Students will develop role competencies under the supervision of a faculty member and a clinical preceptor negotiated by the student and professor. CLINICAL EXPERIENCE: 200 hours across the course HOURS OF CREDIT: 6 (Pass/Fail). 07-01-2020-31-03-2020 Work Integrated Learning Tuesday 01:00PM - 04:00PM, Health Sciences Bldg, Room 226