This course explores philosophical issues related to love and sexuality as constructed and experienced in particular cultural and historical contexts in Anglo-American culture. Topics may include analysis of love and sexuality as portrayed in music, literature, film and art; kinds of love; conceptions of self and community underlying different accounts of love; sexual activity as expressive, communicative, sacred, profane, athletic, goal-oriented; the commodification of sex; competing conceptions of sexual health and sexual liberation; conservative, liberal, radical and feminist perspectives; ethical issues in intimate relation- ships, families, sex-trade work and pornography. Cross-listed with Family Science and Diversity and Social Justice Studies (cf. Family Science 2440 & DSJS 2420) Lecture: Three hours a week. 07-01-2020-02-04-2020 Lecture Tuesday, Thursday 02:30PM - 03:45PM, SDU Main Bldg, Room 117