This course provides students with an opportunity to learn about the foundational theory and practices in psychological assessment of children and adolescents, grounded in application of psychometric theory. Students gain familiarity with a range of psychological assessment devices used with children and adolescents including measures of intelligence, academic achievement and mental health symptoms. Students receive hands-on instruction in the administration, scoring and interpretation of major objective and projective psychological tests used with children and adolescents and develop skills in explaining the tests results and their implications to parents and, at a developmentally appropriate level, children and adolescents. Emphasis is placed on formulating problems experienced by children and adolescents, and looking at them in relation to a developmental psychopathology framework (e.g., individual, parent, parenting/family, and social risk and protective factors). Moreover, the importance of considering individual and cultural diversities when assessing children and adolescents is examined. Ethical issues that may arise when working with children and adolescents in an assessment context are explored. 08-01-2020-01-04-2020 Lecture Wednesday 01:30PM - 04:20PM, Memorial Hall, Room 104