Changes to Final Grade Submission

As of courses starting April 24th, 2017 and beyond Moodle will now be the place to submit final grades to the Registrar Office. Click on the image below to see our guides for submitting final grades. 

Please note that Editing MUST be turned on for the myUPEI Integration block to appear on your course. 

Notice to students who cannot see their courses in Moodle

  1. Courses in Moodle are hidden by default and will not appear in your 'My Courses' list until the instructor makes them visible.  Students may also want to contact their instructors and ask when the course will be made visible.
  2. Students may want to confirm that their financial account is in good standing as that may affect the display of courses in Moodle. You can view your financial account in myUPEI portal. myUPEI > Student Toolbox > Student Finance